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What is Birth Trauma?

A birth is defined as traumatic if the woman was or believed she or her baby was in danger of injury or death, and she felt helpless, out of control, or alone, and can occur at any point in labor and birth (Beck, 2004a). It is important to recognize that it is the woman’s perception that determines the diagnosis, whether or not clinical staff or caregivers agree.

This initial Traumatic Birth Prevention & Resource Guide is a preliminary collection of reflections written by many of the PATTCh Board members. The goal is to begin a conversation that explains the components of traumatic birth, increases awareness, and promotes prevention. Through multiple professional perspectives, our hope is to begin to shed light on the symptoms, risk factors, treatment and prevention of traumatic birth.

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Personal Resources

Birth Trauma Research & Resources

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma‐Informed Care during the Childbearing Year

By Mickey Sperlich, PhD, MSW, MA, CPM, Advisory Board Member, PATTCh

Pregnancy After Trauma

Having a Baby after Traumatic Birth

By Suzanne Swanson, PhD, LP, PATTCh Board Member

Prevent Birth Trauma

What to do during a traumatic labor and birth to reduce the likelihood of later Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Penny Simkin, PT, PATTCh Founding Member

Birth with PTSD

Risk for Traumatic Birth for Women with Pre‐Existing PTSD

By Julia Seng, PhD, CNM, FAAN, Advisory Board Member, PATTCh

Birth Trauma Personal Growth

Trauma and Personal Growth: New Frontiers in Research

By Walker Karraa, MFA, MA, CD(DONA), Former PATTCh Board Member

Fathers and PTSD Birth

Fathers and PTSD

By Walker Karraa, MFA, MA, CD(DONA), Former PATTCh Board Member

Risk Factors PTSD BIrth

Pre-Existing Risk Factors for PTSD and Childbirth

By Heidi Koss, MA, LMHC, Former PATTCh Board Member

NICU Birth

No “Typical” Birth: NICU Experiences and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

By Leslie Butterfield, PhD, PATTCh President

treatment options for survivors ptsd

Treatments Options for Trauma Survivors with PTSD

By Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA, PATTCh Board Member

questions partner PTSD Birth

10 Questions for a Partner of PTSD Survivor

by Walker Karraa, MFA, MA, CD(DONA), Former PATTCh Board Member

birth trauma definitions

Birth Trauma: Definition and Statistics

By Penny Simkin, PT, PATTCh Founding Member